STAGE 9 Digital Media Culture

Stage 9's culture reflects the audience that views its content. We have a pioneering, energetic spirit with an open-minded curiosity to new ideas. We are committed to quality in both our filmmaking process and our content. It is our goal to set the industry standard for visual presentation and story-telling in the experimental new media industry. Housed in unassuming headquarters in Burbank, California, Stage 9's core team nimbly hand-crafts its slate of programming with an independent spirit while providing industry best practices and resources.

Stage 9's content mirrors its values:

BOUNDLESS CREATIVITY: Creativity is encouraged and expected from within and outside the Company. We thrive on new ideas in all aspects, from development and production to marketing and exhibition. Stage 9 actively pursues non-traditional sources of talent and nurtures their projects.

INNOVATION & OPEN MINDEDNESS: We value ingenuity and welcome the best methods to produce and deliver content for the ever-changing digital media landscape.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to being the premier industry brand for QUALITY short-form content with compelling story-telling and exemplary production values.

ENTHUSIASM: We love what we do! We attract and support the same passion from our filmmakers.

TEAMWORK: We respect all opinions and encourage diversity, collaboration, and fun.

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stage 9 releases squeegees in web syndication
Stage 9 Digital Media expands exhibition of its debut series 'Squeegees" with web syndication partnerships with YouTube, Hulu, Zvue, eBaum's World, X-Box Live and iTunes starting May 1. After an...
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the disney-abc television group announces...
The Disney-ABC Television Group announced today the highly anticipated launch of Stage 9 Digital Media. Focused on creating original short-form programming by merging innovative creativity with...
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